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Edenbridge's guitar solos have a unique, almost peaceful sound to them. I am curious, what kind of guitar is used to play them?

Here is an example.

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The sound in the track you linked to is not really dependent on the guitar - I can get that noise with a Les Paul, and Ibanez or a Charvel just as easily. What you will need is the right guitar effects. It sounds like they are using:

  • long reverb
  • digital delay
  • tube overdrive
  • compressor / noise gate
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In the example video it sounds to me like it's being played on a guitar that has a humbucker in the neck position, given the darker harmonics compared to a bridge pickup (I get the same kind of vibe from John Petrucci's playing when he switches to the neck pickup). But generally, yes, this sound is not difficult to attain. – morten Apr 8 '12 at 15:28

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