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How should I finger A# and F# Major with the left hand, 5-2-1 or 5-3-1?

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In terms of fingering, context is everything. Are you asking how to finger the chords for exercises or for a piece? If it's the latter, we'd need to know what notes are around the chord to give you a good answer. – Babu Apr 19 '12 at 20:02
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You should be able to lay all major/minor chords in first inversion as 5-3-1 (or 1-3-5 in the right hand). In most cases, F# Major included, doing anything else will generally cramp your fingers and make it harder to play.

The A# one could alternatively be played 4-2-1. This might help if you're having trouble stretching with your pinky to the black key.

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Do you mean root position or first inversion? (Most often I'd play first inversion RH 1-2-5, not 1-3-5. Root position 1-3-5 is fine.) – buildsucceeded Jan 5 at 14:56

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