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I've recently bought a ukulele, and want to excel at playing it. What are the best resources for learning ukulele for a guy who has experience playing the flute (1 year), the piano (3 years), and the guitar (4 years, classic and electro both)? Do you have any hints for me that will hasten my learning?

PS: I'm not looking for advice like practice regularly on a daily basis or learn how to read sheet music or other things like that. I'm looking for ukulele specific tips and resources.

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Probably the best ukulele web site is Uke Hunt. There is information both for the beginner (how to best finger chords, different ways to strum, ...) as well as more advanced players (tablature, combining melody and chords, ...). The site is updated regularly with new content showing how to play songs (both videos and tab) as well as other ukulele related videos.

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  1. UkuleleUnderground.com has a lot of tutorial videos that show you tricks and tips specifically for playing the uke.

  2. One of the biggest things I learned was the alternate chords such as the B7 chords that can be played in different ways to make playing easier.

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