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I am developing software for acquiring musical fluency (http://toneme.org/)

At the same time I am attempting to acquire such fluency.

What I think would help me beyond measure would be a daily practice of taking a melody and naming the notes in that melody. Maybe doing this for 10 melodies each day.

The result I'm looking for is to have 12 groups of seven notes in my head.

Is there are some resourse that lists popular melodies by key?

(I'm not asking for the list here, I am enquiring about existing resources)

Also, is anyone aware of some list from which I could extract the melodies in digital form, and thus simply import a huge wodge of training material into one of my training games?

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Ear Training

You are asking for a method of studying ear training. This is a well-recognized musical discipline taught in all music schools. See my post here:


Over the years there have been many computer software programs designed to help you develop ear training skills. I have no experience with the current generation of software for this; perhaps you could do a Google search on "ear training software".

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I think the biggest problem with this question is the assumption that a melody is tied to a key. A melody may be transposed to any key.

Three Blind Mice in C major begins E,D,C.

Three Blind Mice in D major begins F♯,E,D.

And so on.

Melodies are tied to modes, which are the set of intervals between the notes in the melody, relative to the root note. It's probably best to study this kind of thing from a structured book, rather than the cacophony of Internet advice.

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