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I currently have a Roland TD-7 electronic drum kit module, but it's quite old, from 1994, and she's fighting her last fights.
It has inputs for 8 pads plus the Kick and the Hihat pedal, but as I no longer want the module's sounds, but just as a Midi trigger to use VSTs, EZ Drum, and the like, I'd like to get some kind of a module that's not very expensive, has more inputs and doesn't necessarily have sound banks and effects but just makes as a pass-through midi device between the trigger pads and the computer.
Is there such a thing?

Update: Something like this:
http://www.alesis.com/triggerio But it has 10 inputs, just one more than my TD-7, I'd like to see one with more than 12 inputs

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Check out MegaDrum. It claims to support up to 56 inputs. Not sure about pricing, but if you're handy with electronics, you can either build it yourself from scratch or buy one of the various kits they offer.

For the sake of completeness, there's also the Roland TMC-6 and PAiA MIDI Drum Brain (also a DIY kit), with 6 and 8 inputs, respectively.

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