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I am going to be taking voice lessons soon and I need to know how long should I take voice lessons. I want to make my voice really versatile so I can sing in different genres of music and record covers of other people songs. Any suggestion people.

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Kristin Chenoweth still takes voice lessons. –  NReilingh Jun 9 '12 at 18:37

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The glib answer: as long as it takes until you achieve those goals, and even then, you should probably continue to take lessons.

More seriously, the progress you make will be proportional to the amount of dedicated, focused effort you put into it. Take lessons once a week and practice every single day. Do the exercises your teacher tells you to do. Work slowly and aim to achieve mastery, not just competence. Practice as much as you can, but not more than that---in other words, listen to your body and don't push your voice past the point where you risk injuring it. And finally, don't believe in shortcuts. Even if you're dedicated to daily practice, getting good takes a long time.

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