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There's probably not a huge market for portable guitars. Despite that, I would still like one! :)

What are some electric guitars which are both small and lightweight? They need to have a full-length neck though!

The one that immediately comes to mind is the Erlewine Lazer, made famous by Johnny Winter:

Erlewine Lazer


What others guitars like this are there?

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I tend to take a Hohner G3T when camping or travelling .

Full scale neck, and about as compact as you can get:

enter image description here

Snapdragon have an interesting range (I haven't used them):

enter image description here

And the foldaway Aria Sinsonido probably wins on packed away size:

enter image description here

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The Dean Baby series of guitars are supposed to be very good, although I've not tried one myself. They have full scale necks.

Not quite as compact as the Erlewine though.

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The Parker Fly is the lightest full-scale "professional" guitar available, at 4.25 lbs (1.93 kg). They are quite expensive.

enter image description here

A Gibson Les Paul, by comparison, can weigh 9.5 to 12 lbs.

Parker makes various other less expensive lines of electric guitars, most of which are quite a bit heavier.

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Steinberger were pioneers in this abbreviated style (if the Ads from 90s I remember are correct).

Guitars following the Steinberger design require double-ball strings (and Allen wrenches).

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