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I have a yamaha Psr-2100, and a volume pedal (yamaha fc7). I was hoping I could assign my pedal to affect a certain parameter of an effect that is applied on a voice, for example distortion or vibrato. This would be very useful for like Organ playing.

I found a way to have a main voice and a layer, and only applying the volume pedal to the layer. The layer would then be a copy of the main voice, only with the added effect (distortion enabled). This does give a bit of what I was hoping for, however since now everytime I 'enable distortion' I get a big volume boost, which isn't really desirable.

Anyone knows how to assign the pedal to an effect/dsp, or otherwise an alternative solution?

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So the pedal is working ok, then. It's just a matter of you figuring out the sound module part of your keyboard? Not having that keyboard, I'd say it's time to dig through the manual and pray :) Sorry, not much of an answer, I know... google the manufacturer's website for the manual in .pdf form if you lost it.

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I can't give a direct answer either, sorry. But, I found something that might help?

It might be relevant to what you are doing. Let us know!

[a last ditch search revealed...]

The speakers are attached to the keyboard. In my opinion this is not desirable, to put it lightly (and generally).

Please give it a try.

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