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"Humoresque" op.5 for cello and piano is the only piece composed by Mstislav Rostropovich himself.

Did he ever play Humoresque himself? From some sources I know that he didn't, whereas other sources say he did and I'm looking for a credible information.

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There is a recording listed in that lists Rostropovich as the composer and performer of his Humoresque for Cello and Piano, Op 5:

feat. artist: Mstislav Rostropovich
Label: Brilliant
Rovi ID: MQ0000908851
Rovi Work ID: MC0002507948
AMG ID: F 1686750
AMG Work ID: C 380960
Work Title: Humoresque for cello & piano, Op. 5
Duration: 2:08
Recording Date: 1968-11-11

Link to page:

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@Larstech - thanks for the formatting edit - much cleaner! – Kristina Lopez Sep 26 '12 at 18:29

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