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In most of the csound examples the pitches are input using frequencies in Hertz, or their numerical octave.pitch_class notation.

Is there a way to input them in a manner that uses the note-names, 'a','b' etc. in a sensible manner?

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I've no experience with CSound what-so-ever, and it seems to me not the type of environment that actually wants their users to use real note names.

I did however find something that might prove useful to you: the 'no' filter, which translates note names to an internal representation of that node (as a real number). I hope that might prove useful to you.

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There are two ways you can do this. Either use a string and then " decode" it inside your instrument or use a score pre-processor like: To convert the more names and rhythm to a standard score. You can write the score pre processor yourself if you prefer, in any scripting language.

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