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This could be considered an inception or Déjà vu. Maybe it means nothing.
I'm not a professional musician, neither a virtuoso guitarist.

Lately I started to notice/realize that during the very thin line between sleeping and being awake, I'm starting to compose some music in my head. The music that I'm hearing in my mind is nothing like what I hear before. Or maybe my brain is playing ticks on me :)
Once I try to force myself to wake up and try to remember what I was hearing, everything vanished.

Have you encountered this before? Is a symptom of being thinking in music? or just brain's gibberish?

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It is more around your brain becoming more accustomed to certain pathways. The same happens with sport, when your muscles can carry out tasks without you really thinking about it, and in playing an instrument when your fingers move to the notes you were imagining without you consciously doing anything.

If you spend enough time listening/concentrating on music, you will of course carry this over into sleep, and partial wakefulness, and eventually it will just become a natural part of life - you will notice harmonies where previously you wouldn't; you will start to spot the tones your wineglasses make etc.

It's colloquially known as the Tetris Effect since the first clinical studies on it used the Tetris video game to induce it.

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I don't know but since it a "phenomena" that is related to musical practice, maybe it is on-topic :) Thanks. –  Chiron Aug 20 '12 at 20:36

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