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What is considered a normal singing range for children?
That is, when choosing a key for a song for children to sing, what range should the melody fall within?
Alternatively, what is an expected full range, and where is the comfortable range (tessitura?)?
If it differs for different ages, please specify!
Please indicate your source if possible.

I'm mainly interested in the singing range for untrained children, but the range for schooled children singers, if different, would also be of interest.

I've searched my books and the web, but haven't found a well defined consensus answer such as you pretty much can for SATB.

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In my experience of leading amateur kids choirs, the comfortable range for most 4-8 year olds would be around middle C (or possibly as low as the B flat just below that) up to around D or E -- that is, just over an octave. Many kids would struggle with a low A or a high F, I think.

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