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I own an electrical drum set (a Roland TD-9K, as seen here) which has some pre-set songs in the computer to play along with. In these songs you can mute the drums if you want. You can also connect an MP3 player to the computer (or anything else, it has a standard jack input) and play along with your favorite songs.

The downside is that you can't mute the drums in existing MP3s. So I was wondering if there are websites where you can download songs (famous or not) where the drums are left out? That way, I could play along with other songs than the ones pre-set in the TD-9K drum computer.

I haven't really found any such sites yet.

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Downvote without a comment, nice... – Peter Sep 13 '12 at 17:22
I'm not the downvoter, but this question is borderline off-topic. Per the FAQ, questions asking for resources are off-topic. – American Luke Sep 13 '12 at 17:37
Okay, thanks for pointing that out. – Peter Sep 14 '12 at 6:33

Apparently, I must have searched with the wrong keywords in the past, because I found some sites now. The correct term is 'drumless tracks' and you can find them on these sites (among others):

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You can try Jammit.

This is a website and a software that allows you to buy songs with the instruments channels separated. So you can mute virtually any instrument (vocals, guitars, drums...).

There are not so many songs in the store but it's quite new, so I guess there'll be more songs added. The downside is that you must buy them :).

You could also try tablature players like Guitar Pro (60$ software) or Songsterr (website, you can mute drums for free). But this is not the "real" song, just user tabs that are more or less realistically played.

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Search for MIDI files, it may be possible to find them on the web in a number of ways. Open them with some MIDI - capable program and remove the drum track manually.

Same program that have opened MIDI file will probably be able to play it (no vocal and may be rather average quality but should be good enough as just for practising).

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You could try music minus one.

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I think your question is more about doing drum-cover of songs you are already playing well. But if you want to practice I recommend the Roland V-Drums® Tutor software plus a USB-MIDI Interface.

This stuff allow you to play along (partition view or pads lines view) any MIDI songs you can find. You can minus the drum volume, turn off some toms, change the tempo. Of course the software checks your performance (synchronization and dynamics) and give you a score.

Obviously, it is midi : the song miss the vocals and the other instruments are just midi notes. Also, it is not free.

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