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I've been through many earbuds over the years. Most of them just sound terrible. By most, I mean all of them.

I'm about ready to drop some real money into a pair but I'm unsure what I'm looking for. I guess I should just try some out that are on display at Best Buy or something. But I'd like to ask the community if there's more of a science to this. What materials are used in quality earbuds vs bad ones?

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Hi Dave, welcome to the site. Given that this isn't about music directly I'm going to have to close it as off-topic (see our FAQ for the topics we do cover). I don't think there's currently a place on the Stack Exchange network where you could ask this question, since the Audio site has become the Audio-Video Production site. However, you might want to try Musical Practice & Performance Chat or their chatroom, and feel free to ask any music-oriented questions you might have that would be a better fit here! –  Matthew Read Oct 15 '12 at 0:38
I think that it is a bit related to Music Performance. This would be a suicide to my ears to perform any amplified music without ear protection ! And having good quality protection is important to really enjoy the music (even for the performer) ! Maybe just remove the limitation to materials and replace it by "characteristics" - the materials are not the only important feature for these products. –  Julien N Oct 15 '12 at 12:57

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