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Is there any way to extract tabs from the chord? I am a guitar player and i want to play some songs on my guitar. I found the chords for these songs on the internet but there are no tabs available. I just want to know if i can create a Tablature (of individual notes) from the chords.

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I think this question may be better rephrased by saying "How do I read chord charts?" –  cadmium Jan 28 '13 at 17:04
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Chord sheets simply tell you what chord fits against each part of a song. You can play a reasonable guitar accompaniment to the song simply by fretting the chord's shape and strumming. On other instruments, you can form the chord in other ways, for example by playing a triad on a keyboard. A chord sheet does not provide enough information to know more than that.

For example, on the version of a song you listen to on the radio, the guitarist might strum a particular rhythm pattern, or fingerpick a pattern, or play a countermelody that fits the chord. The chord sheet tells you none of this - but they are a good basis to build upon.

However, if it helps you to learn, you can convert directly from the chord names on a chord sheet, via a chord dictionary, to a tab.

In the example below, we turn a C chord from a chord sheet, into a tab. To do this we look up the C chord in a chord dictionary (on the web, or in most guitar books). We then copy the fret positions from the chord diagram, into a column on the tab.

Various representations of the C chord

Every chord has multiple voicings on the guitar. If what you're playing doesn't sound like the song on the radio, it may help to try a different voicing. For example, the voicing for C above, with its open low E string, will sound different from a barre chord with the E shape up on the 8th fret, or from the A shape barre chord at the 15th fret.

The diagram also shows one way of notating the C chord on a musical stave. Notice that I've chosen a different voicing for the stave, from that on the guitar diagrams. The stave shows a triad using the root note of the chord as the lowest note: C, E, G. The guitar diagrams show the 6 note chord E, C, E, G, C, E.

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