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Is there was an application which facilitates jamming in some way. I saw a few back tracks generators which allow you to select chords and measures to play them and I wonder if there is something more. I have noticed, that I improve by playing along with unknown and unusual rhythms, to determine the key of a song by the ear, to adjust my playing to any change of the player which plays accompaniment, etc.

So a perfect thing to play with would be an app, which will play a backing track or accompaniment while I play some solo. Or maybe there is a web app which allows to jam over the internet? (:

And as a developer I wish to automate whatever possible. My guitar playing is the only exception (:

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This site doesn't do shopping recommendations, but naming three products will give you a start in finding the kind of software you want.

  • The SoundTrek "Jammer" range
  • PG Music's "Band In A Box"
  • Hard Note's "Jump"

I have tried demo versions of two of these, from way back in the days when people bought computer magazines with cover CDs. I can't make a specific recommendation, but I can say that they do more or less what you describe -- provide an algorithmically generated backing over which you can improvise.

All of these (and others) have demo versions, which you should try before buying anything.

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In addition to Slim's answer there's
iReal b
with apps for iOS and Android.
You can enter or download chord progressions of songs you want to jam along to. And there are a bunch of features you'll have to explore yourself, of course including transposing, and meter, tempo, and style selection.

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iReal b is pretty awesome. It provides songs in different styles, but beware that if you want to get some special style, you need to buy additional packages.

My friend said "Band In A Box" is good, but I haven't tried.

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Try out Chrodbot (for Android and iOS), you can write a progression or it can generate one for you.

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