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I recently subscribed to the new myspace in order to have a place where I could share my music (electronic compositions) production.

But it seems to me that the ones who are not subscribed cannot see the profiles and not listen to music.

Am I right?

Is there a way to make your profile public?

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The New MySpace is currently in limited Beta. They are still busy rebuilding it and there are many many bugs still. This is likely not a bug but intentional until they have a product that they would like to actively promote as ready to go. The danger is that they would hurt their newly minted site if visitors took it to be complete but full of bugs and holes. I also have a new MySpace page but I based it on the old myspace, so right now, people can visit my old myspace profile until they fully change over. There are also alternative sites that can do many similar tasks as well or better in the short term. I would most highly recommend the last two as they both have deep integration with a number of additional very valuable services as well as some of the ones listed here. You can also use them to populate a number of different services with identical information:

You might also take a look at my website, jordanrsmith.com to get an idea of how I integrate a number of these different services and save time in the process.

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the link to your site send to unavailable page. is this correct? –  Daniele B Feb 28 '13 at 7:40
fixed it. left out the s. –  jordanconductor Feb 28 '13 at 16:56

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