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Currently, I'm using an iPad and the built-in Music app to play backing tracks. It's great, but when it's time to play a new song, I have to use a separate device that outputs a midi clock to let the other devices on stage know what the new tempo is. I'd like to simply advance to the next track in the app and have the midi stuff taken care of automatically.

Specifically, I'm looking for an iPad app that can utilize an interface like the Alesis iO Dock to do the following:

  • Play a pre-recorded backing track (audio output)
  • Send a midi signal that is synced to the backing track (midi output). Ideally it would send a midi clock signal at a track-specific tempo to keep other devices on stage in sync with the track.
  • Quickly switch between songs (i.e. don't want to load entire GarageBand sessions)
  • Not crash (again, don't want something huge and fancy like GarageBand that might crash)
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