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What are the names of all the notes in a sol-fa scale, especially the notes between the basic Do, Re, Mi's.

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per the first promising looking result from google... http://library.thinkquest.org/05aug/01262/lessonsolfege.html

Chromatic Scale

Using sharps - Do, Di, Re, Ri, Mi, Fa, Fi, Sol, Si, La, Li, Ti, Do

Using flats - Do, Ra, Re, Me, Mi, Fa, Se, Sol, Le, La, Te, Ti, Do

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There seems to be some (depending on country, author or whatever) variants of the general idea to replace vowels by higher sounding ones for sharps and by lower sounding ones (in extreme case always "u") for flats (which are also simply formed by attaching a "b" for "bemolle" in French, so si→sib).

In German wikipedia I found these replacements do→di, re→ri, fa→fi and so→si, for sharps , ti→ta, la→lo and mi→ma resp. ti→tu, la→lu and mi→mu.

English wikipedia article for Solfège also provides some ideas.

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