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There is no Cb in the key sig. In fact, Cb rarely appears in a key sig.Since there is a bar line preceding the C, any accidentals would be cancelled.So it couldn't be a C#.There is no reason at all why it should be a Cb.(Often called B, often incorrectly...) Therefore, it is played as a simple C natural, the white one on a piano.


The key (Bb Major/G minor) has a signature of two flats (Bb and Eb). So, all notes except these two will be natural unless they are modified by an accidental (sharp, flat, or natural). When a note is modified by an accidental, all following notes of the same pitch in that measure will be modified by the same unless they have another accidental. So, the C# ...


I would advise you take some time to learn how to read sheet music. Teoria has a set of beginner tutorials that will really help you to understand how music notation works, and how to understand what all the symbols and notes mean. That said, on to the question. Key Signatures In the key signature(the 2 b signs on the left) you have a Bb and an Eb. this ...

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