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It often sounds quite amateurish to play the melody while the singer sings the same line. it's as if the piano player is having to help the vocals. generally, when I'm accompanying a vocal, I avoid the lead line. In the dots, sometimes this means leaving out the top line of 3 staves, or the dots with tails pointing upwards on the treble line of a grand ...


Yes, remove the melody line. If you double the melody line, you tie down the singer's interpretation to your own, taking away rhythmic and melodic freedom. Instrumental voice doubling is often fine in a choir setting. But for a solo singer, particularly where a song is to be interpreted rather than reproduced, it's a distraction.


For songwriters who leave the lyrics and melody towards the end of the process a piano melody track is used while the song is being developed.. Once the signer learns the melody track should be removed. However there are times when it just may sound better to have the melody and vocal together during some parts of the song.. There are no rules when creating ...


All the notes begin sung or played at the same time are part of the chord. So this means the note played by the bass guitar, all the notes of the piano, and the note the singer sings is all part of the chord. When the song changes from one chord to another, we call that chord progression. Most every song (except things like plain chant or African drums) have ...

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