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If you don't already, then figuring out the single-line [vocal] melody for the song as well as the chords would probably be useful, e.g. how you'd play the song with one finger only. But maybe that's too basic an answer and you do this already?


You should consider this free online class. That seems to be perfectly suited for you. And it just started.


I'm not sharing yo's misgivings. I use a dynamic mic- Shure 58 (others are available!) just like a heck of a lot of other stage vocalists. It's on a boom stand sited on the opposite side of the keys to where I sit/stand.So it points directly at me, as a mic should. It doesn't pick up anything extraneous, and is only switched on when I'm singing. The stage ...


The answer is: It depends. It depends on your expectations, on the type of music and type of playing you do, what type of piano have you got etc. I don't have so much experience and very likely someone else will come with a better answer, but I'll share my 2 cents worth. You have the following options: a headset: They can do a really good job and ...

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