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I own a Jackson Warrior WRXT with a Floyd Rose but I never faced any such problems. It must have something to do with the string company/quality. In a Floyd Rose you probably cut off the end to string it, probably why you're facing this problem so I would suggest stringing it the other way round without cutting the tip. Hope it helps. Regards Jimmy


Go down to your local hardware store and try various hex wrenches until you find the one that fits snugly. Then buy it there.


Your guitar appears to be a nylon-strung classical guitar, and as such may not have a truss rod. However, it's worth going on to answer the question in general: Unless you have a very unusual guitar, a truss rod tool is either a hex key or a hex socket. These are common fittings in all kinds of fields, not just musical instruments: bikes, self-assembly ...


Well, you have two choices I guess. 1) Use a pair of calipers to determine the precise size wrench needed for the specific guitar you own right now. Or find out through some other means (e.g., by contacting the manufacturer and asking what wrench size is needed). 2) Buy a multitool which will have the right size for now and also probably for any other ...


The last time I played a guitar with a Floyd Rose is long ago, but I do remember having some unwinding problems in the beginning, too. Then I discovered, that some strings come with a bit of "unwinding protection" at the end (I don't know, if that's its official purpose, but what I mean, is a short, somewhat thicker part). The trick for me was buying the ...

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