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I'm not 100% sure what your goals are since I see a conflict between using the tone net, which just goes off in all directions with more and more sharps/flats, and your goal of limiting/manipulating the number of sharps and flats. In conventional music the key signatures are (usually) selected so as to avoid double-flats/sharps and the use of chromatic ...


There is no solution that does audio and video and light. It's very, very expensive and time-consuming to pre-produce an entire show. Aside from preparation cost, you also have to factor in that all the needed equipment should be brought on tour as well. Most touring DJs cannot afford this and also cannot permit to lock down their playlist. There are a few ...


Sounds like you want to do something similar to Andrew Sorensen, which is amazing. He uses a language called Extempore, similar to Lisp with a bit of C in it, which allows you to define and play stuff in real time. You can see this in action in this video, where he performs a piece doing live coding.


You mention that you are really impressed with http://computoser.com/, but that you didn't know the author's techniques. Here's the underlying code (not mine) on Github: https://github.com/Glamdring/computoser

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