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Unfortunately, it's a bit more complicated than that. There is no single "Just Intonation System"; instead, there are multiple systems which can be said to be just, by virtue of the fact that they use just intervals (i.e. integer frequency ratios). The problem is in determining which ratios you want to use. One such Just system is the Pythagorean system, ...


He is playing a C shape chord for the F chord with the capo on 5th fret is my guess. Why do that? It's just to avoid playing the F barre chord at 1st fret. Keep your guitar in standard tuning. The song is played with standard tuning and traditional chords. Watch other videos for examples.


If he stated 'tune your guitar to an F major chord on fret 5', then it's not accurate. He means tune your guitar normally, then when you put a capo on fret 5 and finger a C shape, it'll produce an F chord. It's minimally easier than other ways, but still needs a Bb chord later, which requires an F shape chord there!

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