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You should consult the D'Addario string company's extensive charts on different string gauges for alternate tunings. It covers steel strings and nylon strings, for guitar and more. Check it out. D'Addario Catalog Supplement/ String Tension Specifications/ A complete technical reference for fretted instrument string tensions


In general, the longer the scale length - the more stable a string will be as the tension is lowered and the pitch follows. A thicker gauge string will allow you to fudge the numbers a bit and get lower, but usually at the expense of intonation, which in terms of what you're looking for; you'll need to adjust for anyway. So possibility? Anything is ...


What's your goal? Seems like, sure, you could tune a fifth string like a drone while you save up for the real banjo, but the drone tuner is up at the fifth fret to keep it out of the way of your first-position playing. Git-jo is about either allowing guitarists to get bluegrass sounds without learning anything, or to get the rhythm chunk of dixieland jazz, ...

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