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I increased hz on digi tuner to 450 from standard a self taught player and a few years later realized how many bad habits i wasnt aware of and are now norm for im not claiming to be certain about anything..but..i found the sound i was looking for, without a capo, with this method.


I'm probably the best from a technical standpoint but from what I have been taught and understand from others is: Drop C (C1-G1-C2-F2) Low C (C1-A1-D2-G2)


Sounds like you need to check any guitar chord charts, and only consider the bottom 4 strings shown. For some it won't be too satisfactory, as often with open chords, the 6th and sometimes 5th strings are not played (usually because that's where the root should be). The voicings may or may not be to your satisfaction, but the chords are playable straight ...

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