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A similar question to this was asked over the last couple of weeks. I guess the guitar has a vibrato. In this case, as the strings are loosened, it makes the springs in the vibrato relatively stronger, thus they pull the remaining strings tighter, and so, higher in pitch.This is a phenomenon associated with vibratos (trems), and is basically the nature of ...


Drop tuning is totally trendy right now, every new metal band seems to use it, I tried to cover all the reasons why, because I love to use it as well: Easy to play Drop Tuning is very easy to play. It does not only provide the possibility to play most chords with only one finger, but also typical progressions in the metal genre are closer to each other ...


You do a full bar and have the power chord ring while you play melody type things on the other strings. The guitarist from Billy Talent does that pretty good. In classical music you rely heavy on the bass note ringing. So if you drop the E you get an entirely new note that rings and brings a new key to an E centered instrument.


Assuming it's a standard scale bass, then I'd go 45, 65, 85, 105, 130 for the G, D, E, A and very low E. The top C could be around 30, depending whether you need a bendable top or not.All these are +or- .005, to preferences of easier to fret, or fatter bass tone. Play it straight away, after the intonation has been adjusted, which is pretty well guaranteed ...

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