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In principle: Take a left-handed guitar strung for standard tuning. Tune it slightly differently, EBGDAE thickest to thinnest. Play right-handed. In practice: It may strain the neck to tune a string up in pitch. So you can either put different strings on, or tune down to an equivalent of EBGDAE. such as DAFCGD. [Edit: Since the F and C are ...


Replace the lower BE with CF and you have a tuning in perfect ascending 5ths, similar to the New Standard Tuning (which goes up in 5ths from C but the last string is only up a minor 3rd, in G instead of B). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_standard_tuning


I haven't done it as described with the basses and trebles reversed, but I do have one old electric guitar in what I'd call high tuning (I think some people call this "Nashville" tuning). I tune it to EADGBE but all six strings are trebles taken from two sets. With this the "EAD" are plain unwound strings and are an octave higher than standard (and what ...


I am not aware of anyone who has tried taking a standard right hand guitar and reversing the strings so that the bass and treble strings are on opposite sides of the fretboard - to still play it right handed. Although it might create some interesting inversions of chords. It would certainly sound unusual, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. But there ...

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