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The most common way guitarist chain their effects together is in series. This means that the original output source (the guitar) is plugged in to the input of the first effects pedal and the output from that pedal is plugged into the input of the next one and so on. The last pedal's output is plugged in to your amplifier. This is often called an effects "...


Since the acoustic sounds fine it's not the amp. It's the single coil pickups on the strat picking up noise from the electrical system in your house. It's very common. The kinds of pickups used in acoustic guitars don't have this problem. Try moving to a different area of your house and/or turning off all lights and other electrical equipment.


Yes, it's a common problem - you want to get your distortion from your amp, but you want to apply delay and reverb (or looping) to that distorted sound, rather than having reverb and delay that is itself distorted. One solution is to get an amp with an effects loop of course, but even then people often find that some pedals don't work well in loops that can ...


Different amps have different types of line-out. An early modification for Fender amplifiers was to fit a 'tap' out of the preamp, by splicing an output between the preamp and power amp sections. Before master volume controls were standard this allowed a Fender amp to be run at a cleaner setting, and then bolstered to concert volume using another power amp. ...


It would appear that you've answered your own question! If your amp sucks, as you say, then it needs upgrading. Then listen to your pedals through the newer, better quality amp., and think whether you need to upgrade those too.


This device is really meant for practicing when on the move. If you are playing somewhere where you have power there are other headphone amps that are way better. If you absolutely must use it and want a power solution, simply buy a power supply that provides 3V and wire it directly to the terminals in the battery compartment, making sure you have them the ...

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