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If the note that has the dot is a long note, then I would interpret the dot as meaning that there would be a clear separation from the next note, if there were one. I.e. the opposite of legato. (How short you need to go to get a nice separation or articulation depends on the acoustics of the space and other conditions inherent to the instrument and the ...


It is pretty much context-dependent, although different people have different (often-strong) opinions on this. Apparently your director falls into the latter group. The style of the music will indicate more traditionally how it might be expected to be played, but ultimately it is still up to the performer's interpretation (in this case - your conductor). ...


Ok, I have figured it out :) I have normalized the track and realised then that notes are in fact getting shorter, so the problem must have been elsewhere. I totally forgot that I have sustain automation recorded for that region, and wherever sustain "catch" the short notes it have had prolonged them. Removing automation totally resolved the issue.

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