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Based on my experience from helping, whenever people choose a more well known song and nail it, it sounds better than a person who did just an equally good performance with a lesser known song. Just a little bias I guess. But hey, couldn't hurt if you could sing it. Best of luck.


It's almost impossible to specify which song to sing. However, when you've made that decision, 1. if it's accompanied, make sure you have a specific key, or the charts to the key you'd like to perform it in. 2. if it's acapella, two options: a. you may well feel happy just starting to sing, and the key won't take you out of your range - lots of singers do ...


We can't possible suggest specific titles. But there is something I can say to guide you. It will make more sense if I start out this way: I went to hear a performance of The Fantasticks at my community college years ago. The young woman in the lead role had a lovely voice, but it was her first semester, and she had almost no vocal training. However, ...

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