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The old folksinger Joni Mitchell had about 55 tunings that she would regularly use in performance. When she no longer wanted an 18-wheeler to carry 55 guitars on tour she went to the Roland VG-8 guitar processing system which stored all her guitar tunings. Joni Mitchell would play on a strat so under monitored situations the difference between the way that ...


With a little help from @Carl Witthoft (of course Baritone Sax would be an Eb bass clef instrument following Tenor Sax - doh!), I think I have a pretty good idea of the scoring in this manuscript: Db Piccolo Oboes Bassoons Eb Clarinet Bb Clarinets (2 staves) Alto Sax Tenor Sax Baritone Sax Bb Trumpets (2 staves) Bb Cornets Eb Horns (2 staves) Trombones ...

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