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It is actually just practice but you need some consciousness while doing it. First of all it's a very very common problem so no need to alienate yourself. Second, the problem is how you approach playing. You are trying to replay the, I would casually say, the muscle memory recording. Probably you had some nice time or you thought it sounds cool or you have ...


I haven't heard a complaint from the drummers I know. The whole idea is that they shouldn't stretch and as far as I know they don't. So the motion is transferred similar to a chain. They are slightly lighter but not enough to invoke a nerdy moment of inertia calculation. I doubt that you would feel like suddenly your feet double the playing speed or any ...


I've played with both and never really noticed a difference. As I've never managed to wear out or break either kind (I'm not a heavy metal drummer!) I can't say which lasts longer.

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