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I've been playing the drums for almost 18 years now, so here's my two cents: This is definitely a matter of preference, and has to do with how you use your foot to strike the bass drum. Generally there are two styles, heel-up and heel-down, and they're pretty much how they sound: Heel up players (generally found in more aggressive styles of music such as ...


I've played with both and never really noticed a difference. As I've never managed to wear out or break either kind (I'm not a heavy metal drummer!) I can't say which lasts longer.


I have two pedals with straps and I've only had one strap break on me ever. I find chain drives too stiff and I vastly prefer the feel and responsiveness of a strap pedal.


As Stated in the comments, any pedal would likely fit the kit you linked to One thing I'd say first is for Metal and Heavy music you may require a Double Kick pedal. This will still work on the kit you want. I'm not going to lie there is a lot more to a bass pedal than you think. They also take a lot more maintenance. There are a wide range of pedals that ...


Double kick pedals are not specific to 32nd notes! It also makes playing 8th, 16th and 32nd notes far easier to play... your best bet is to get one and practice using two feet. you are essentially only playing 8th notes with each foot then halving the effort it takes. You could also use the "Heel Toe" technique. In regards to the comment, to perform Heel ...


It could be a problem of your sitting position and your body balance. If you're sitting too low or unbalanced on the stool, you might get problems because you need one leg to stabilize yourself while playing with the other one. Try practicing at very slow tempos first, as slow as you need to go to be able to play it. Think of quarters and eighth and try ...

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