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As far as anchoring goes, my old teacher taught me to rest my thumb on the top of the neck pickup. Not sure if it's the best practice, but it's served me pretty well over the years. What I do a lot of to help warm up is run various scales in triplets, both along and across the strings. Not sure how to post tab on here, but something to the effect of the ...


A simple but interesting exercise is playing octaves, or fifths (start with fifths, then move to octaves) but play the lower note once, and the higher note twice, but always alternating the two fingers you're plucking with. The result is that you play the lower note once with finger 1, the next time with finger 2, then again with finger 1, etc. Do it slowly ...


That's how Geddy Lee plays, using one finger up and down. I think it's a good technique to learn, you can use it in certain cases. As others have already mentioned, it does sound different from two alternating fingers, so when you're playing something you have more options to choose from and your criteria won't only be "oh how can I play this with less ...


Famous jazz bassist Victor Wooten has been known to pick up and down with his thumb. He has published many educational materials over the years and hosts an annual Bass Camp in Tennessee. I do not know if or where in his teaching output that his thumb technique might be covered.


After one has been playing for a while, one often finds that idiosyncracies have wormed their way in to playing styles. Any way that produces the desired effect HAS to be legit! There is no right or wrong, as long as it sounds good. Using a finger down and up will even vary from player to player, one with long and one with bitten nails.Try thumb/finger, ...


No reason why you can't do that. If it works, it works! You will get a different sound than using fingers normally. But it won't be as clicky as a pick. Maybe somewhere in between. You'll probably find you'll wear away your finger nail pretty fast.


On some guitars, it is possible to cause the fingerboard to separate from the neck by over-tightening the truss-rod(s).

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