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I agree with you Guitar Sage. It is a good software. Julie, you can find some comparisons of good music tools. Here is a link to a comparison for a good overview of some the top audio slow down products. http://ratedbyyou.net/music-slow-down-software.html


Answering my own question because I found an awesome tool : Riffstation (saddly, not cheap). It can slow down the music (and does it much better than Reaper), you isolate frequencies and you can isolate parts of the stereo field ! Usually the guitars are panned left / right and bass, drums & vocals are on the center of the stereo field. Although the ...


I had the same issue with a guitar and those changes fixed it, it might also work for bass : Adjust the action : with a lower action, you need less "bending" on the string when fretting. It helped a bit but can be annoying if you like your current action. Change the strings gauge : this worked really well with my issue.


Posted as an answer at the OP's request - though I'm not really sure I deserve the points for a 'point & shoot' software link ;-) Amazing Slow Downer Can adjust speed & pitch independently, & also select short segments to loop, allowing you to hammer away til you figure it out. Not free, $50 Sceenshot - Edit: One trick I've used in the past ...


I guess you could put some time and effort into ear training. It will definitely help you transcribe more accurately, but it will also boost most of your other musical skills. Not the funniest type of practice, but absolutely essential.


I always use Audacity for transcribing music. It's a free audio editor (for Mac and Windows). If necessary you can change the tempo, and you have a lot of other useful options. However, I've been transcribing music for many years and I've come to the conclusion that in most cases you just need to be able to select the difficult bit and be able to loop it ...


Warwick specifically used to specify that tapered strings were required for their basses (especially on the B). Some will note that tapered strings can also help with intonation. Doing research for tapered strings showed that DR Longnecks (tapered) strings actually have intonation issues so I suggest not picking those up to try and fix your current issue. ...


If your open string is in tune but your higher frets are out of tune it is the string length that is the problem. If your bridge adjustment has moved to its full travel and intonation is still out, you should get a quick look at your truss rod adjustment, in case your neck is really out of whack, but aside from that you don't have many options. Have you ...


Those two pedals provide the same underlying function; although behave/sound slightly different from one another. You may want to look at this question and its answers Basic effects for bass

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