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The issue with the pickup is NOT the position relative to the length of the string. It's whether the pole pieces fall under the strings. When you swap high-for-low, you'll find that the strings STILL go right over the pole pieces. All good.


It's not going to make much difference at all. Usually, the pup closest to the bridge can be 'tilted', as the slight difference in nearness to the bridge will make a, well, slight difference to the tone. But as far up the strings as that, hardly any. Particularly on bass. The nut may cause problems, though, as the fatter E string will be trying to pass ...


The role of a bass, be it bass guitar or double bass - or even l.h. piano - particularly in swing, is quite defined. To play that same part on an instrument 2 octaves higher will not help the band much. Unless you're expected to be playing in unison with the existing bass, which would sound odd, as the bass plays pizz. while you won't on flute. Doubling up ...


That only makes sense when you are playing bass recorder. Otherwise you'd have to transpose at least two octaves up and then the whole harmonic base that a bass voice is supposed to provide is gone. This can work so-so when playing Bach (though is still messes up the voice relations), but for Swing played in a band? One conceivable way would be to get the ...

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