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I would be careful of how you use the word timbre, which refers to the quality of the sound. There are several embedded questions here, and I will try to address them. Most doubling rules apply to voice-leading, and the treatment of the bass is integral into creating a satisfactory and refined sound. Instead of "accent" I would use the word "emphasize" ...


As a bass player, I am typically trying to either play something unexpected/less than intuitive, or really awesome. Only when I am asked to fulfill a role in a band with a traditional approach to the bass part do I consistently end up relying on standard sorts of lines or the expected notes (there are definitely times where it sounds better to just chug on ...


Basic soldering job. But the reason it broke is maybe the socket is loose. Before finishing, make sure it's tight. Can't understand two different tunings - what's that about? If there's a lower tuning, use one bass all the time, with lower tuning, and play the other tunes on higher frets.

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