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First of all adjust the action/height on your electric guitar , this link may help you or you can just google it . For your second issue, suppose that you want to bend 8th fret of second string (this note is G ) if you full bend it (not 1/2) you would hear A note (the next note after G) . During bending of any note your left hand finger (if you are right ...


Don't think it is really an issue. Sometimes adjacent strings are pushed too, so they bend as well, silently. Sometimes the adjacent string goes over the bent string as its pushed underneath.Does it really matter? If people like Hendrix had spent (wasted) their time thinking 'is this the correct way to do it' we'd still be in the dark ages.Whatever works ...


If you bend the thin E string, I can't see any other way than that the B and sometimes G string will also follow in the same movement. They are not making a sound since they are not touching the frets. So the tutorial videos are showing the correct way of doing it.

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