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Yes. The last 4 are definitely a blues turnaround. Limited to I IV and V chords is consistent. In fact I can't seem to play it without making it bluesy. But I also agree with @herman's answer. The ear is the true judge. Since it is so short, it could even be just a phrase in a larger lyrical structure. If you play it in 2/4, with a Motown kinda beat... ...


There are many variations possible on the 8 bar blues, so this could certainly be one. I'd say it depends on the tune: does it sound bluesy?


This is indeed one variation of a standard blues cliché. The chords they play are | A A7/C# D7 D#dim7 | A Adim7 A7 | Note the chromatically ascending bass line in the first bar: A C# D D# which would often lead to an A7/E chord, i.e. the chromatic line would continue up to the E. The descending melody line you hear could be | A G F# F# | E Eb E | ...

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