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There is a history of ascending valves, which indeed raise the pitch upon being depressed. R. Dale Olson


(I know this post is 2 years old but I'm a Tuba player who has had this problem before so...) I use "Soundcorset Metronome & Tuner" for my phone, but I always find that, no matter what app I use, digital tuners for low instruments like Tubas are too jumpy for me. Even some stand alone tuners do it as well. What I found that works really well is to get ...


If you're not a brass player yourself, one rule that may not be obvious is to make sure that your brass parts, trumpets especially, incorporate rest at regular intervals. Playing, especially loud or high, requires quite a lot of muscle strength in the lips, as the lips need to hold the tension for the note, and the higher the note, the taughter the ...


One of the best bits of advice I've had about writing good, comfortable sounding trumpet parts is "keep it on the stave". Sure, the trumpet range extends beyond this, both above and below the stave, but the range on the stave is comfortable and will generally blend well with other instruments. Back when I started composing and arranging (a pretty long time ...

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