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Look at what singers say about breath support -- same thing for flute. You need to balance tension in the muscles in your abdomen used for expiration with that in those used for inspiration, to get more control of just how fast the air is moving up through your mouth (since that has to change going from one note to another and going from soft to loud). ...


Lower notes require more breath. To see for yourself, blow up a balloon. Pull the neck out to make that squeaking noise we all loved as children. Measure the time it takes for the air to run out with a high note, and the time it takes for a lower note. The vocal cords work on pretty much the same principle.


Not being able to hold certain notes as well as others could have to do with a number of things. 1) Range - it is very possible your range is higher than these notes you mentioned. I would recommend having a vocal coach determine your range for you. Sometimes after years of singing, your range can go up or down. Sometimes you might lose the ability to sing ...

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