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This bridge is a Washburn Wonderbar system, as used by Ace Frehley during his Washburn endorsee years. He subsequently had one fitted to his Les Paul during that time, my belief is this is a guitar owned by a fan looking to emulate his Les Paul - the 12th fret inlay is that of the Epiphone signature model from the 90s which Ace has never played live.


That is relatively rate for a Les Paul, as most have fixed bridges, but that is a Floyd Rose Licensed Tremolo. Edit (actually, on closer inspection, it is not a Floyd Rose but some other type) - a device to allow you to change the tension, and hence pitch, of all six strings at once. It is a logical development of the old Fender trem, and it can cope with a ...


The difference is that the nylon strings on the classical are all close to the same diameter, whereas on the steel string the diameter of the smallest string might be about 20% of the size of the diameter of the largest. This matters because the physics you have learned is simplified. Only string that have no thickness and no stiffness exactly fit the ...


You are incorrect in your assertion that there is a physical law being broken here. A guitar has six strings of different diameters, different materials (some strings are a plain length of steel wire, whereas others have other wires wrapped around the steel wire core) and tensile strengths, tuned to different pitches. As a result, there must be a compromise ...

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