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@Kevin Johnsrude is correct, but I will add to his list here: It is possible for a guitar to have problems with buzzing that are not caused by the guitarist. The action may be too low. The frets may be too warn. The neck may be warped. Also placing your finger on the string is an art. The target area on your fingers that produces good tone is smaller than ...


The buzzing is due to the string rattling against one of the frets. You need to press down with your finger on the D string directly behind the fret. Your finger is too far from the fret so the string is rattling against it.


I'll expand a bit on my comment at the request of OP. I haven't had this exact problem on any of my fretless basses but I can tell you what steps I would take if I did encounter something like this. Since you said the buzzing is coming from the nut side of the note, it might be some sort of mechanical buzz either from the tuners on the headstock or the truss ...

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