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Flageolet. You touch the string lightly at the one-octave mark instead of pressing it to the fingerboard, and the string will give sort of a slightly hoarse octave when bowed correctly. Your description is not good enough to guess what the d is about: is appears to be a flageolet as well, but it's hard to guess where. Flageolets can be played one octave ...


The small circle indicates a natural harmonic. The D should be played on the D-string by lightly touching the string halfway up with your left hand and bowing as normal. Same thing for the A except on the A-string. The sound is purer than that created when you press your finger all the way down, but the pitch is the same. Obviously, vibrato is impossible.


Very interesting !! Just listened to the opening bars, and it's in C#minor. That's probably why it sounds like a C#, not a D. Now whether the recording has been slowed down a smidgen is conjecture, or whether the cello is actually tuned differently I don't know. So, yes it sounds like C# 'cos it is. Couldn't find one in 'Dm'.Unless, of course, the tuning was ...


Samuel, There are many great answers above, here's a bit more. I play the cello, and as mentioned above, you can play 2 strings at a time. This is known as a double stop. It is quite common and I think it sounds great. If you're utilizing sampled cello sounds, you'll definitely meet a challenge in trying to make it sound convincing or realistic. However if ...

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