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His Wikipedia page states: His instruments included the 1711 Duport Stradivarius, a Storioni on which he made most of his recordings and a Peter Guarneri of Venice. So there is no single answer to the question without pointing to a particular recording.


Flageolet. You touch the string lightly at the one-octave mark instead of pressing it to the fingerboard, and the string will give sort of a slightly hoarse octave when bowed correctly. Your description is not good enough to guess what the d is about: is appears to be a flageolet as well, but it's hard to guess where. Flageolets can be played one octave ...


The small circle indicates a natural harmonic. The D should be played on the D-string by lightly touching the string halfway up with your left hand and bowing as normal. Same thing for the A except on the A-string. The sound is purer than that created when you press your finger all the way down, but the pitch is the same. Obviously, vibrato is impossible.

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