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Unless there is a typo in your question, I think that problem is that your untrained voice has a very small range, i.e. less than an octave (or at least, that you think it only has a small range). A good range for a trained contralto voice (often called just "alto" in a female choir) would be F3 or G3 up to about E5, not E4. A "second alto" (singing the ...


They will be lucky to have you! And if they don't know what to do with your low female voice, try a different group. Eventually you will be able to expand your range higher, but please don't force it. In the beginning you can drop out for any notes that feel uncomfortable.


The voice parts are designed to overlap but be distinct. You won't find a spot where everyone will be perfectly comfortable - the objective of warmups is to stretch everyone to expand every part's range. If you want to focus on particular keys, exercise the parts in pairs (bass/alto, tenor/soprano). Remember that the focus of warmups is not to sound pretty ...

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