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Simply consider open strings as the fret 0. And raising a semitone is playing a fret up. 1 2 ... semitones up |----|---| E||-F-|-F#|-G-|-G#|--- e (1st) -||---|---|---|---|--- B (2nd) | -||---|---|---|---|--- G (3rd) | -||---|---|---|---|--- D (4th) |- Strings -||---|---|---|---|--- A (5th) | -||---|---|---|---|--- E (6th) 0 1 2 3 4 ...


Each and every fret on a guitar represents one semitone. Thus to move from a C, 1st fret, 2nd string, go up to 2nd fret for C#, and 3rd fret for D (+one tone - or two semitones). When the string is, say, an open E, then moving up one semitone by fretting fret 1, it plays F, and another fret up (fret 2) plays F#. Semitones are generally thought of as the ...

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