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It's difficult to tell which are the passing chords from your example because there's no time values. Passing chords are of short duration and/or occur on off-beats. So absent that, I would look at the chord tones for each to determine what melody to play. F#m: F# A C# ("color tones": E G# B D) F: F A C ("color tones": E G Bb D) Esus2: E B F# Ebm7b5: Eb ...


It is possible to have multiple keys in a song. Charles Mingus in 'Nostalgia in Times Square' changed 3 keys in as many bars. He used chromatic notes in the melody as well. So, don't try to narrow your progression down to only one possible key. Now, let's say you are in D major: F#m -> 3rd chord of the scale. F -> chromatic. The bass goes F# to F(natural) ...

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