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If a guitarist has a mix of several playing styles, I am afraid that you will not be able to learn this as if it were one composite style. Rather, it would be good practice to learn all these styles, and then try to understand how he combines them, so that you can mimic this. This sounds like an extreme lot of work, but your understanding of these styles ...


I would suggest loading sections of his music into a looper and then looping it at half-speed or quarter-speed while you try to play along.


It may be cheap strings, cheap machine heads, cheap guitar. Good for tuning UP rather than DOWN, Maybe the strings themselves have never been stretched properly. I've been given guitars to tune with 6 month old strings, and until the strings get a real good pulling to stretch them and bed them into the bobbins on the machine heads, they would always be going ...


I'm not a guitar player myself, but I met one once who used a type of finger pick that basically worked by extending the fingernail, rather than like a traditional fingerpick, that puts a substitute nail somewhere near your fingertip. He loved it, and a lot of other guitar players at the gathering decided to order their own. Since I play violin, I couldn't ...


I went to amazon.com and did a classical guitar book search, and evaluated based on the reviews. It seemed to be somewhat of a draw between: The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method - Volume 1: Guitar Technique Solo Guitar Playing - Book 1 I settled on Parkening, but I haven't launched into it at all


When I studied classical guitar, my teacher based his course on the Carcassi Method. I would give it a thumbs up. Get a foot stool or use your guitar case as a prop in order to achieve the proper posture. Develop both the rest stroke and free stroke for your picking hand, and keep your fret hand thumb behind the neck rather than atop it. Best of luck! Enjoy ...

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