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A Ryoji Matsuoka of course, for intermediate to advanced users. They're known to be finest handcrafted classical guitar in Japan (also Yamaha, Kodaira, Aranjuez, Asturias, Shunpei Nishino and more). Matsuoka himself produce some guitars in 70-80s in a small workshop (which he doesn't build the guitar alone). For the tone, and sounds, you can check my ...


Valentin is right, keeping your nails a bit shorter is probably one of the most useful things to do. But, let me add a few things. I am primarily a guitarist, and I play the piano, but wouldn't consider myself a pianist; so, much of my advice is from a guitarist's perspective. Even though most of the classical guitarists I know (including me!) use nails, ...


There is really no solution for having long fingernails on the left hand. You can only keep them as long as is confortable with placing your finger upright on the string.


I have the exact same problem. In the end, I just kept my fingernails a bit shorter and learned to live that on some occasions my nails would interfere with the piano playing... You could get rid of the long nails and play with finger picks, but I find that highly uncomfortable.


Must simply be notation for a barre across the fourth fret, as this would also be for the subsequent G#. Admittedly, this is not the most conventional notation, but it is certainly valid. EDIT: this kind of bracket is commonly used in bowed string (eg. violin) music, to denote double-stopped notes, which may sometimes be with the same finger, and so are an ...

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