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I can barely understand what you're talking about, honestly. Whatever it is, I think you need to forget the word "bind". In both exercises, there are two separate lines. In the first, there's a top line that goes: (rest) | E E E | (rest) | (rest) E and a bottom line that goes: A A A | (rest) | A E E | A The second example ...


Two things: one, this is nothing new. The orpharion- a kind of lute with metal strings in the Renaissance- had fanned frets. The other thing: yes, the idea is to get longer bass strings (or shorter treble strings). But if you look at the difference in length ...


I had the same problem with my classical guitar: it buzzed whenever a G was played (open G-string or A and E-string when playing G as well). Turned out that this was caused by the end of the three metal strings (D, A, E) touched the back of the bridge! I pulled these ends away from the back of the bridge and the buzz disappeared. See photo:

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