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Yes. The slur just indicates that the note should touch the preceding note, but it's still played on time and ended according to the staccato dot. Basically, a slur does not change the last note it reaches but only the notes before it.


David Cope in "Computer Models of Musical Creativity" points out (rare) cases where Bach used parallel fifths in his chorales. In analysis, the alternatives are less satisfactory than Bach's use of the parallel fifth. Students of counterpoint, however, will very likely be expected to find some other way to resolve such a case that does not involve simply ...


Even if you don't use metronome regularly, it is always a good practice to play with metronome at least once after you become fluent with a piece. You will find many passages that you are unconsciously changing the tempo that you were not aware of before and feel a steady tempo. This practice helps learning when and why you swing tempo throughout a piece and ...


If you take a look at the St John's Passion by Bach, it is surprisingly operatic with its use of turba choirs and the kind of introductory chorus and the dying scenes. It is true that Bach was employed by churches for large stretches of his time (as opposed to his time in K├Âthen, for example), including his final years. But if you take a look at his magnum ...

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