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You need to consider the total weight of the piano (say 300 pounds / 135 kg for a small upright, up to 800 pounds / 350 kg for a full size grand) compared with a typical piece of wood furniture. When a piano is moved about by "non-professionals", there is the possibility that a lot of weight gets transmitted through the hinges on the lid and the fallboard ...


They vary quite a lot. The basic ones - but still usually good - are just a sort of springy steel that clips onto the neck of the jack plug. In itself, that part can be bent so that the clip action is stronger, although if you go too far, the plug jams on that part of the mechanism. A problem I've found is that occasionally the neck on the plug is quite ...


Piano hinges don't put much force on the individual screws and they can (depending on the build) be taken apart by pulling out the axle. The metal is pliable enough that there is nothing that would make a permanent buzz or noise or transmit a considerable amount of sound.


It makes no difference to the sound or playability of an electric guitar whether you have rosewood or maple for the fingerboard. Did you know that the human eye has a blind spot that your brain fills in for you? Your hearing can be influenced by a number of factors. People lose high frequencies as they age. Volume changes what we hear and fatigue can set ...

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