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The current model of the Roland Cube 15 is one of a new generation of guitar amplifiers which can also accommodate a signal from a digital piano. The Input jack is a 1/4-inch phone plug jack that is designed only for the signal from an electric guitar. This is a signal that is low in volume and high in impedance. Do not connect the signal from your ...


If you want clean sound for your amp, I suggest to buy a keyboard amp. Guitar amp is natural sound, they have no limiter/noise filter. You can plug your keyboard into your guitar amp. But, it'll make some noises. For Roland Cube 15W, don't play the keyboard in maximum volume, so, the speaker won't blow / pop.


You definitely should try out various keyboards in the store with sound off, and once you put this in your appartment, see how you can decouple it from the floor. If you are studying piano, you won't get by without weighted action, and weighted action will make noise and vibrations even when you turn the sound off. This is not necessarily a primary design ...


All digital keyboards will allow you to plug a pair of headphones in and use it via them. As far as brand is concerned, it's really down to personal preference and your budget. I myself am a Yamaha fan, but you may prefer Casio, for example. The type of keyboard you should buy is down to how you will be using it. If you are learning playing classical ...

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