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It's been said in a comment, but deserves a fully-fledged reply: your biggest mistake is thinking you can do this without a teacher. Even if it's only a consultation lesson now and again - that's better than nothing. Note the number of people who have tried to give you a piano lesson in their replies!


You CAN. But piano is a very dynamic sound, and can easily distort on under-powered amps and under-sized speakers. You'll be a lot happier with something more beefy.


If you're a DIY type, look for ways of reinforcing the stand. Or get a better stand. I don't think there's much more to say on this subject?


Here's how you read the model numbers for the last ten years first digit -> year The first digit tells you from which year the instument is. 2.. means 2005: CLP-220, CLP-230, CLP-240, CLP-270, CLP-280 3.. means 2007: CLP-320, CLP-330,... second digit -> quality/features The second digit tells you how high its quality is compared to the other models of ...

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