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"Soundfonts" are pretty old technology! But there's a wide choice of "virtual pianos" that work on any reasonably modern computer. Here's one supplier:


In principle you could make your own soundfont, by recording single notes (preferably using a MIDI file to "play" the piano, so you get consistent note-on velocity etc) and using soundfont editor. But the results are unlikely to sound as good as the piano, because you will lose the interaction between sound of different notes played together. Good quality ...


A good piano synthesizer (as in the engine of a digital piano) should do more than just play back samples such as panning the notes according to pitch and adding sympathetic resonance for strings not being directly played. A simple MIDI player with sound fonts is unlikely to get the dynamics working as well as a dedicated piano synthesizer. If possible set ...


As I understand, advice on specific equipment is outside the scope of this forum. However I can perhaps give some general advice on the concerns you may need to have when making your choice, assuming your main purpose is to use the instrument to practice piano technique. First of all, DON'T make your decision without trying the actual instrument you may be ...

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