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As some of the other answers have eluded to, there are two basic problems with your question: The first is the question of how you generalize a "tritone" in a non-12-TET based system. One possibility is to interpret it literally as three whole tones (which then begs the question as to how you define a whole tone in a non 12-tone system). Another ...


To answer 2: yes, for any n, if n is even, then half an octave is n/2 divisions. (This is rather boringly obvious, so perhaps I don't understand the question.) I don't understand what you mean by "unique".


Two other importantnotes in a given key (which are the basis for main chords) are the 4th and 5th notes of a major scale, being 5 and 7 semitones from the root respectively. Giving the subdominant and the dominant. That puts a tritone right between them, neither one or the other, but too close to sound consonant. Yes, mathematically it could be construed ...

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