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All electronic drum kits even today basically just play back recorded samples with triggers shaped to match traditional drums. No matter how good the samples themselves are, the idea that each hit triggers a specific sample will never sound realistic when the same instrument (especially cymbals) is struck several times while it's still ringing. This is ...


You might try Mapex. For that money, I think you could land a Mapex set, and I think you do have some choice as far as finish/lacquer. I used to own a Mapex mid-range kit. Not bad for the price.


To add to what's here: Ride cymbals will not be very loud when struck (comparitively), but will have overtones that last for much longer than crash cymbals. Crash cymbals, for the most part, are meant to accent the beat - be loud when hit, then fade quickly. If you hit both very hard, across the edge of your stick, listen to see what is still ringing many ...

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