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I've been a self taught drummer for 20 years and I wish I had this tool when I was beginning. Is it gonna make you a great drummer? No, but it will teach you dexterity in your limbs and rythms every drummer should know for a solid base of rock drumming. .


I think it caused by compressor. Try to find option for adding or remove effect in MAGIX Music Maker 2013. You should turn off the compressor.


It seems as if everyone so far has covered the basics. The fact of the matter is it really is personal preference. EVERY drum kit has a different feel to it; no matter how you set it up. If you don't mind playing on many different sets and are able to adapt, then by all means use the one the venue provides. However, if you like the feel of your personal ...


To save me hauling round the full kit, when I saw a child's kit in a second-hand store for 50 quid/bucks/shekels, I jumped at the chance. With some judicious damping & tuning (they are all non-standard sizes so I can never change the skins) I have a perfectly serviceable kit that I can use in any small venue. Add my own stool, kick pedal, hats & ...


For venues without a kit, the absolute minimum would be snare, bass drum and hi-hat. That's the overwhelming majority of venues in my area. Hi-hat can operate as a poor man's cymbals in a pinch. For venues with a basic backline kit, all you'll need is your sticks and bass drum pedal, although you will probably prefer your own cymbals. Some folks will ...


Venues, like rehearsal studios, generally provide kick, a couple of toms, hi-hat and snare. Most drummers prefer their own snare, and cymbals, and often that includes their own hi-hat cymbals. A comfy seat is a personal choice too ! So, you could get away with those if you were sure of a 'back line' kit. Not expecting any kit on site, a kick drum, snare, ...

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