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Quick and dirty solution: record your MP3 twice, once with a click, once without. Use the version with a click, instead of the drum module's internal click. More technical solution: synchronise your drum module's tempo with your DAW using MIDI.


I can't say that I know his technique in particular but have a couple thoughts for you. I would suggest looking into the heel-toe technique. I'm not a drummer so I can't really explain how it is accomplished but I've understood it to be a technique to increase speed on the kick. The drummer in my band has been complimented repeatedly by people liking his ...


I notice two differences in the drum beat at this point. One is what Tim mentioned in his answer, the beat takes on a swing rhythm, specifically the 16th notes are swung. The other difference, which I think might be what you are referring to, is that the snare hits start to happen on the upbeats and twice as frequently. This would be called a Double Time ...


If it's between 1:00 and 1:25, it's gone into a swing feel, same tempo, but the bars are played with a triplet feel instead of straight 4s.Found more in a jazz situation, but, hey, why not put it in and keep it in?

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