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A decent PA would do it, and give you the possibility of plugging in microphones also, or other sound sources. If you are trying to go cheap and compact, then a keyboard amp or electronic drum amp would also work, but those are normally designed for a single sound source. You'll want a lot more watts in your PA or keyboard/drum amp than your guitar amp, ...


What I do is use muffler pads on my drums. They reduce the volume a lot but dont effect the feel of the drums much, although the sound is pretty different. I also have a practice pad. The major downside to that is that it you can't play it with your feet! So it can be good for doing basic rudiments but really even for those you want to get the feet ...


I'm a left hander who plays open handed on a right handed kit and I've recently been retraining to also play open handed when keeping the pulse on the right hand side of the kit (eg floor tom), as I was sometimes getting tangled up when playing fills in that situation. I talked to my drum teacher about it (who is a normal right hander) and she reckons ...


Not so much how to practise, but how to make the difference between a regular strike & a rimshot easier to determine, plus an unexpected extra benefit. Change your snare drum angle. Or even all your drums' angles, if you want to be able to do this with accurate repetition round the entire kit. I have my entire kit set in such a way that the difference ...


Seems that it is not possible to import samples to the iElectribe. There's no mention of that feature in the documentation, specifications, or presentation of the device. http://www.korg.com/us/products/software/ielectribe_for_ipad/ http://www.korguser.net/ielectribe/en/about.html


Just following up here. I bought a cajon pedal from my local drum shop for $160 with their promise that I could return it within two weeks if it didn't work out. Well, it didn't work out. There were two issues: first, the height at the heel was uncomfortably high, and it was a lot of work from a sitting position (it might work from a standing position); and ...


I added ground cables between the Alesis drum brains and the mixer. So far, no more resets.

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