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Take your pulse before you start each piece. The body's awareness of time is closely tied to the metronomic beating of the heart. Biologists have found through experiment that those among us who are best at gauging time intervals (e.g. counting seconds accurately) are the ones who are best at perceiving their own heartbeat (i.e. they can feel it without ...


I guess from your description that it's something like quavers (eighth notes) on closed hh, with occasional pedal splashes (e.g. on the second beat of each bar). To play this, your foot should be down on the pedal most of the time. Lift it up right before the pedal splash is due (after you've sticked the preceding note), and then put your foot down again to ...


A metronome for count-in is best but you can also use a device on your drumkit that will tell you what your current tempo is. It's called a Beat Bug.


I would start on Pandora searching for an actual percussion ensemble. A good start would be So Percussion. Then continue to like their music.


Without sticks I start with left hand open and palm facing up then starting with the index finger tap your finger into the palm of your hand at a regular speed maybe x16 then move onto the middle finger and so on. Go back and forth through the fingers and gradually speed up making sure intervals are regular. Also try with the palm facing down. Gradually your ...


With any solo, you want to tell a story. The licks, riffs and grooves are your words. Writers structure stories as narrative arcs. A narrative arc is usually: Exposition: The introduction the story in which characters are introduced, setting is revealed. Rising Action: A series of events that complicate matters for the protagonist, creating a rise in ...


I am not a drummer and I'm not affiliated with these folks, so if you down-vote, please tell me why in the comments so that I can improve my answers to this forum. Here's a site that tells you how to build drum shells either ply or stave. You'll have to have some woodworking chops however: http://pdgood.us/drumshed/buildmethods.html A ply drum shell is ...

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