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Here's how you can do this: 1) create a new track for each piece of the drum kit and insert an empty midi region of the length of the drum part. 2) go to the full midi drum track and open it in the piano roll editor. Right click on the keyboard note on the left to select all midi events on that note. 3) copy all the events for a single note and paste to ...


Here's how it works, generally speaking: One MIDI track which has your complete drum score, with the VST plugin applied to it. Any number of tracks, each of which receive a different output (channel) from your MIDI track. So the basic sound is provided by the VST plugin, but you can add the necessary plugins on a component-by-component (or ...


New on a drum, since november 2014, I was "air drumming" for the last 20 years... kids now gone from home... I have time for a new hobby... and I really took my time before going on a... 200$ kit. Since the first day I bought my kit... so many changes!!! First, a pro gave me some advices... for a drum, ther is now standard setting... so, the way I play, I'm ...


There's really no technique. I've been playing for 15 years, can do the Bonham GTBT triplet but not everything Zeppelin yet. It's about just improving YOUR technique. Only reason I can do it is I've played for so long. But also, Bonham was a rhythmic genius too. Those crazy crossover triplets in Moby Dick is all meticulously planned out but almost impossible ...


No MIDI input, but I found DrumSchool a great way to learn. It has basic patterns, fills, adjustable speed, scrolling notes. There are also embedded videos that helped learn read the drum tabs in the beginning. -Alx


The name I was looking for is Gary Chester, and its not a technique, its a method of trainning on hit-hat.


Here is a technique that appears similar to what you are asking about. The person who originated the technique is Sanford Moeller and it is now known as the Moeller Technique. It has been extensively taught by a drum teacher named Jim Chapin. You will find many YouTube videos on using the Moeller Technique. Here is a video of someone demonstrating ...

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