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It is hard to find a good drummer just like it is hard to find a good bass player who stays in pocket ( and doesn't move onto playing guitar). Maybe it is an ego thing.


I have been working the cajon for the past 10 years or so on gigs from jazz to flamenco. The use of the Vater Blue Brushes are very effective in creative performance. Add the foot Afrushe-cabasa on one free foot, a bass foot pedal on the other and hand held castanets for Kata Palo Ceco patterns on the cajon's rim and see what happens.


The beat exists without any notes being played. Imagine the bandleader saying "and ah one, and ah two and ah one two three four" - the next "one" is the downbeat marking (nominally) the beginning of the piece. Time passes, the pulse continues, but there need not be any notes "placed" or "put" on any of those "beats." I think you need an understanding of time ...


Now I know what values notes can have and what they look like and all that, but what I don't get is how you can place somthing... on them? The author is saying "place a sound every X": as in every quarter, or every eight, or every sixteenth. Here are some examples of one measure in 4/4. The grid is divided in sixteenths. Every quarter: Placed on ...


how can I practice getting fully in time with the drums on a track It's doable. We had a similar situation in one project, and with some preparation it ended up sounding great. Depending on what you are doing, it might be more trouble than it's worth, but if you really want and/or need to do it, you can. First of all, if the drum part was played by a ...


A practice pad is great, but with drumset you have to be able to coordinate two legs and two arms. This can be tricky. So I would set something up that allows you to simulate a simple drum set. Take a look at some instructions for putting together a "suitcase drumset," for example, at http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Suitcase-Drum-Set/


It does depend on how loud you mean by loud. For the purpose of practice, anything that makes your ears ring after playing might seem cool now, but take it from someone who can't hear that well anymore and has constant ringing in their ears because of loud music (I think it was a Pantera, or possibly dream theater concert that did it in the mid 90s) I would ...


Try finding a song with a lot of activity on the snare and make all (or even some of) the accents rim-shots. I find Californication really fun to practice rim-shots and drags to because the snare part is very involved with drags, rim shots and accents immediately after rim-shots (a skill which can be harder to learn than you may expect), but really any song ...


Double kick pedals are not specific to 32nd notes! It also makes playing 8th, 16th and 32nd notes far easier to play... your best bet is to get one and practice using two feet. you are essentially only playing 8th notes with each foot then halving the effort it takes. You could also use the "Heel Toe" technique. In regards to the comment, to perform Heel ...

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