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I use garage band on my iPad for my bass guitar patterns, you can use 1 finger if you have to.


There's a case on this here: Criteria for selecting a voice teacher I think any voice coach is just happy to help, no matter what your background or future plans. I think studying multiple instruments is aways an incredibly helpful and good thing to do, both for your creativity as well as your overall musical comprehension. If I was a voice coach, I'd ...


I don't know much about singing teachers, but if you came to me for guitar lessons I wouldn't care if voice were your primary instrument. I also wouldn't care if you had no plans to become the next Jimmy Page or Tom Morello. If you just wanted to learn to do one song ok, I would still teach you because I would expect you would say "ok, I'll learn one more ...


I always tell people to run up and down a single string until they hear the note the song would want to end on, then try major and minor chords rooted on it, if not already obvious whether it's major or minor.

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